Tuesday, September 16, 2014


One thing I've learned in my life as a mom is that my expectations play a huge role in how a situation turns out.

I put a lot of thought and detail into planning things. Whether it's a vacation, a special meal, or an outing I plan away. Some of the logistics of having a big family demand a lot of planning...especially if we need things to go smoothly. Also, I do like the planning and I get an idea in my head of how things should go. But, sometimes things don't go as I planned and I get frustrated/annoyed/disappointed.

Taking kids to appointments is one of those things that are not easy. I either have to schedule an appointment for the 2.5 hour time slot I have during the school year when EVERYONE is in school.....OR I have to take everyone along. This brings me to summer. I plan a lot of the check-ups for summer and get them all done.

Sometimes all goes smoothly and sometimes not so much. And like I said my expectations can determine whether I roll with it or melt.

Conn had an appointment in the city for a teeth cleaning. He goes to the local Children's Hospital for a specialist dentist. I had to take all the kiddos with me for this appointment. I was feeling frazzled and unsure how the day would go. The kids had been bickering and driving me nuts. On top of it all I had to drive our HUGE 12 passenger van INTO THE CITY.....AND PARK!! Have I told you before that I stink at parking....especially the bus!

Okay, so I rushed around the house getting everyone ready and out the door. Then...Ugh, BAD traffic. I was sweating. I was freaking out. I HATE being late. After getting off the freeway I called the clinic to let them know I might be a few minutes late for check in. The nice receptionist informed me that I wouldn't be late since my appointment wasn't for another hour. Oh!!!

I laughed. I chilled. I decided to relax and just go with it.

We arrived with LOTS of time. So we hit the cafeteria for snacks. There was a beautiful garden alongside the outdoor eating area. We looked at all of the veggies growing. We sat in the sun.

Then it worked out for me to check the other kids into the sibling playroom while I took Conn to his cleaning. Amazing! You can't book the playroom ahead of time so I was lucky and thrilled!

Conn did great at his cleaning, I picked up the kids and we had such a great drive home that I decided on a whim (I don't do whims) to stop at the Nordstrom sale to get the kids new shoes. After trying to park in several too small spots, sweating bullets, crying, and having my 11 year old tell me that I should just go home because I'd never be able to park......I found one spot big enough.....and it was only a couple of miles from the store. Success.

I've had some brutal shoe shopping experiences with the kids. Mostly because I had a plan (everyone find a shoe that I like/can afford/and you will wear...and we aren't going home until it's accomplished. Not this day. I figured we could look around and just see if they could find something. Amazingly they each found a pair and we were in and out in less than an hour.

Yeah! I was so thrilled!


  1. Yes - planning is good and having a "back-up plan" is also good but sometimes serendipity happens and things go well in spite of our plans...and in spite of the foul-ups.

  2. LOL! I couldn't park your bus either ...next time drop the kids off at my house and I'll watch them for you...or I could come to your house so you don't have to take the big van 'bus',



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