Monday, September 29, 2014

The Ocean

The ocean is beautiful to look at and listen to. The color as it changes throughout the day is stunning. The motion of the water is mesmerizing. The sound of the waves is so relaxing....except at night when I fret a bit about a tsunami. Otherwise, so soothing.

The water temp is WAY too cold for me to even put my toes in. However the kids run and splash and play. The big boys (Cam and Mr. P) love to boogie board. We bought Mr. P a wetsuit this year and it made a big difference....he didn't get hypothermia again.

As the tide goes out it leaves the beach a little different each day. One day there were these huge tide pools left on the beach. We went on a long family walk and came across the pools. Sis thought they were great! She ran and ran and ran through them. She was soaked! 

And so happy.


  1. So much fun! Makes me want to go there right now! Take the rest of the month off and just stay at the ocean.
    XOXOXOXO x 7

  2. Mr. P is so grownup handsome! Love all your pictures. Wonderful vacation and I see why you go back.



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