Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun Times

Every family should have someone as fun as Cam's sister Cinnamon in it! She just visited from out of state with her boyfriend Jamie. They came to meet the newest additions to our family. We had a great time with them. Our kids had a great time playing with them...what playing means is climbing, jumping, hanging, on them. I'm sure they've gone home to some peace and quiet and are nursing their backs...sorry guys...the kids can't help're just too much fun;) Cinn plays games with the boys...things like..."make a pizza". She lays a kid down on the floor (after peeling them off of her back) and then kneads them like dough and then lays herself down on them and rolls back and forth over them...rolling out the dough. They love it! Cinn and Jamie read them books, played games and were basically human jungle gyms. We can't wait to see them again...once their bodies and ears have healed.


  1. That is so funny!!! My brother and his wife have no kids, and are my kids favorite aunt and uncle. My brother plays "Pretzel" with them! He does the dough thing, and then twists them all up like a pretzel... gets them laughing every time!

  2. Aunts and uncles are such a wonderful part of God's plan for our families!

    God Bless,

  3. Is that really her name??
    That is absolutly the COOLEST name EVER.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    I think I've ticked off a lot of pro-lifers.....
    I'm like you, I could go on and on..... and unfortunately, on.... :) I was definitely on a rant that day :)
    Your weight will come off - It hasn't been that long since you had your babe and you only gained 39? While going through an adoption AND raising the boys?????
    That is AWESOME!!!!!

  4. Yes, Cinnamon is really her name...we love it too. She is as fun as her name:)



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