Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our Weekend

We had an amazing weekend. Very busy and very wonderful. We were asked to be Co-Godparents to our friend's children newly home from Ethiopia. Saturday was the baptisms. It was a beautiful service. The church was full of family and friends who came to witness the event. Sunday we went to church all together to see the boys' first communion. With 6 kids ages 2 and under it was a good thing to have so many loving adults and bigger kid helpers! It was a rotation of kids and bottles and trinkets with lots of kisses and hugs and snuggles....oh, and maybe a couple of stern looks...from myself to my two year old:)

Our family of 7 (Lydia's head is behind candle holder in my right arm), Our Godchildren's family is a family of 9, and the Co-Godparents are a family of 6 (oldest daughter not pictured). I love this picture. These are amazing families. I draw such strength from them. I try emulate their parenting...because they are such good examples. And...good examples of Christians.

Patron Saint is Solomon.

Patron Saint is Gabriel.

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