Sunday, September 7, 2008

What a Week

We have had an amazing week of growth and change in all of our kids.
Tuba-had a great summer. Usually summer is very long and hard for him. He needs lots of activity and stimulation which school provides. This summer he was a wonderful help for us with the new babies. He LOVES babies! I told Cam that we just need to have a baby every summer :0 Tuba headed back to school on Wed. and is doing awesome. His teacher said he is very mature and doing really well.
Mr. P-had his first soccer game of the season. Last year he was sooooo shy and we had to practically drag him onto the field each game. If the ball came anywhere near him he would turn the opposite direction and run away. We debated whether or not he should play this year at all. He would go back and forth saying he wanted to play and then not wanting to play. Finally he said he wanted to play. Sat. was the first game. I was shocked, amazed and so proud that he went, met the coach, ran out onto the field, played great, ran after the ball....AND scored a goal!!!!!! What a HUGE change from last year. Now, he's asking how many more days until soccer.
Busy Guy-has been making the adjustment to having two new siblings. It's been hard at times for him. Sometimes he wants to be held and I just don't have enough arms to do it at that moment. We've been taking extra time to make him feel special too and it's paying off. Before summer Busy Guy was doing great with his potty training. He was going many times a day on the potty chair. all came to a screeching halt. He would say, "no, I don't want to", when I asked him to use the potty. He would go in his room, shut the door...about 3 minutes later he would come out and say, "I pooped in my pull-up". It's been frustrating trying to get him back to using the potty. But...this week he's been going pee-pee lots and tonight.....YES, he did a poopy on there too. He got 3 mini marshmallows and was very proud of himself. We called Papa at work and Busy Guy got on the phone to tell him, "I pooped on the potty"!
Lydia-is moving like crazy! At the ocean she started to crawl forward (she was already going backward), scooted off the couch so her feet touched the floor and stood holding on, and learned to get into a sitting position from her tummy. She is getting faster each day with her crawling and is enjoying playing on the floor with toys so much more now. She is also eating like mad. She had a waffle for breakfast with cut up fruit. I think she ate more than I did today. The girl loves food:)
Baby George-is cooing!!!! It is the sweetest thing. I coo at him and he does it back to me. It melts my heart. He is getting so big. I think he's close to 15 lbs. now. He is a great sleeper too. What a little honey:)

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  1. So precious! I just love reading about your family as they all grow!

    God Bless,



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