Monday, October 26, 2009


This week is conference week which means early release days all week. I've made it through one day and I'm already DONE with it! Here's the schedule:

7:00-Tuba on bus

11:10 pick up Tuba at school

11:25 drop Mr. P off at school

wait in preschool lobby with kids

12:15 drop Busy Guy off at school

drive around and have snack in car

12:55 pick up Mr. P at school. Yes, that was a whole 1.5 hours of school!

go home and have lunch, regroup

2:45 pick up Busy Guy at school

come home, put on pj's, deal with cranky kids who've had to be woken up from their nap...
The good part is I will get to go to Mr. P's conference on Thurs. I can't wait to hear how he is doing;)

The weekend was great. Cam was off both days. Tuba got sick but seems to be better now...just a little lethargic still. Probably since he didn't really eat anything. The kids are counting down the minutes until Halloween!!! And...we have once again found some great property in the country that we LOVE! Now, we have to see if we can swing it, if we can build a house on it, etc. More on that to come.

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