Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Check out the hairdo! Snazzy;)

My sweet little girl is OBSESSED with shoes. I know it's a cliche to say that...but it's true. We don't wear shoes in our house...except that Sis will not follow this rule. She is constantly raiding the shoes rack and putting on shoes. She clops around in all her brothers shoes. She can't manage to walk well in Cam or my shoes. But, she did pee in Cam's sandal this week:) It was bound to happen since she loves to be naked AND wear shoes. Her very favorite shoe is this adorable snow boot. No, we haven't had any snow but Sis doesn't care. She asks for "boots" any time we leave the house. She can get all her shoes on herself...even on the right feet. Spooky. I'm thinking for Christmas this little girl needs some slippers...and maybe some dress-up shoes!

She is growing so fast. She's going to be 2 at the end of the year. Talking, singing, counting...all day long. She counts to 10 and then yells, "ready NOT, here COME!". She is right in the mix with her brothers but also is starting to love playing with her babies. She puts the binky in the baby's mouth and covers it with a blanket. She and Baby George are a hoot. They are so much like twins sometimes. They will hit each other on the head or pull each other's hair and then when the injured one cries they pucker up and kiss. So precious! First thing in the morning when Sis wakes up she calls for me. The second thing she does is YELL her brother's name until he wakes up too and can join her in yelling my name. They are in separate cribs in the same room. Double trouble.

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