Friday, October 30, 2009

Oh, NO!

Here's a nice pic of Cam and Tuba when they are well. Nobody wants to see what they look like with this nasty germ! Eeeks...let's just say Cam won't need a Halloween costume. He's going as a Zombie...a crabby one!

The H1N1 flu has hit our house. Cam is very sick with both the flu AND strep throat! Sheeeesh! He has had a high fever and terrible aches since Tues. night. The hospital that he works for has NOT immunized their nurses for H1N1. I'm really mad at them....and do not really understand the reasons behind that decision. Cam was at work treating critically ill patients with H1N1. All other hospitals/doctor offices and even our local fire dept. have been inoculated. If I had two seconds to spare I'd call the CDC and find out why this huge medical center that my hubby works for did not have the vaccine???

Connor is also on antibiotics for strep. The three youngest kids had the vaccine last Sat. and the other two kids are going to get it tomorrow. There was a cutoff of age 4 last week for those allowed to be vaccinated. They won't vaccinate me until sometime in January...I'm not in a risk group. Tell that to the germs in this house:)

I am holding down the fort and hoping and praying to not get sick...or at least to get sick once Cam is well but not on a day when he has to work;) I'm sure God understands why my prayer is so specific. You know how the saying goes....Mom's can't get sick. Well, it's true especially in a house with lots of little ones that want their mama all the time.

Say some prayers for Cam and for the rest of us too.

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  1. Praying you don't get it too, my middle son got it and thank you Lord Jesus, none of us did.
    Open windows if you can and have the sickies germ-x the heck out their hands when they are out of bed!



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