Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bucket List

I've been thinking about my Bucket List...you know the list of things you want to do in your life. I thought I should write it all down. Here's what I've been thinking of....

See the Grand Canyon-
We are going to AZ this fall. Yeah! My SIL is getting married in Flagstaff and we will of course go to the Grand Canyon. So excited:)

Go on a mission trip-
I have had this on my heart a lot lately. God is speaking to my heart. I'd like to put together a group of women to go to Ethiopia. I'm hoping to get working on this as soon as Cam is done with school. So, all you wonderful lady friends of mine....start thinking about this too. :)

Go to Ethiopia with my kids and hubby.
Someday we will take our whole family and tour Ethiopia. We want them all to see it and I want to see it with them. Cam and I have each been but not together.

Take a photography class. I love photography. It's my favorite art form. From the looks of the photo on this post...perhaps Cam should take that class with me? The ceiling is nice but I think Busy Guy's face is much cuter. ;)

Take a surfing lesson...in Hawaii of course.
The Big Island is calling my name. I want to see the volcano and all the vastly different areas of the island. Of course I want to lounge on the beach and have a pina colada too. Yummy! And, I want to worship with the Schroedels at their parish. If we can't move to the Big Island I can certainly vacation there as much as possible.
Visit an Amish community.
I am so fascinated by the Amish. I love the simple way they live and of course love the quilts.

Have a big get together with other families whose babies were at Wanna House (orphanage in Ethiopia) at the same time our babies were there.
We think of those children as our kids' Ethiopian cousins. Our kids spent the first 6 mos. of their lives at Wanna House with many other babies/toddlers. I hope some day to meet in person some of these kids and their families.

Learn to make cinnamon rolls....really good ones...gooey sticky ones...no frosting just goo and nuts. Mmmmmmm.
Grow a garden and raise chickens.
I can't wait to learn how to do these things. The country life is the change we want to make. If only our house would sell.....come on housing market.


  1. Love it! I am fascinated with the Amish too. There is something so pure about their way of life.

  2. I have always been fascinated by the Amish! When Emmy was at school in Ohio we went and visited Amish country. I went nuts when I saw my first horse-drawn carriage rolling down the road! Emily and Gary laughed at me, of course.

  3. Great List! (and I'm glad that Jamie and I could help out with crossing the grand canyon off the list...woo hoo!)

  4. You take wonderful pictures! I think you will enjoy taking photography but I can't imagine you getting "better" at the actual craft. Also, I would be willing to volunteer help with the tasting part of the Cinnamon rolls. "Ummmm, gurf yummm. Ahem, maybe more ummmmm."

  5. At least once a year, we get together with other families whose kids were at Wanna with our son...the friendships we've developed are priceless and its so rewarding seeing our kids' friendships develop & become stronger with each visit...helping our kids maintain these connections with one another is even more critical when they don't have the benefit of knowing anything about their birth family.

  6. Yes, Wanna reunion! I'm dying to meet you guys, Dergals, Wrights, Betsy Bala, Anne Wing Matier (met Steve in ET & he's just lovely), Kasal-Finleys, etc etc. I too feel a great connection to all the babies I watched in photos for so many months & met at Wanna.



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