Saturday, April 17, 2010

Who's there?

One month ago I put a blog hit counter on my page. I was curious how many followers my blog had out there. Well...I've had 1,566 hits or about 50 visits a day. Great! I'd love to know who you are. If you've never left me a comment, please do. I so appreciate the comments I get. If you don't want to register and leave a comment you can shoot me an email at Also, I'd love to know if there is anything you'd like to ask me or something you'd like to see on my blog. Send me your questions and ideas.


  1. you know i am reading after meeting your sweet daughter at layla house!


  2. Love you, Love your Blog :o)

  3. Hee hee,I might throw off your count as sometimes I check more than once a day! I love all the family updates! Makes being a long distance auntie, sister, and sister-in-law that much more bearable.



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