Thursday, April 8, 2010


I feel like the old woman who lived in a shoe. Kids everywhere, toys everywhere, chaos. Okay, not really, not all the time anyway. But I would like to move and have at least one more bedroom...but our house is not selling. The housing market is stinky!!!! Basically our realtor told us that we should come off the market until the situation improves. The market is flooded with short sales, bank owned properties and people desperate to sell. This means lots of super cheap under-priced real estate. We just can't compete with them. So, I think we are stuck here until all those properties are gone. It could be 6 mos., it could be longer. Oh!
Well, I'm not all gloom and doom about it. We have a beautiful, warm, lovely, home to live in. Yes, I'd like more space and especially in the middle of the night when Sis is hollering and waking up her roommate/brother I'd like another bedroom. But, I love my kids' schools and love many things about where we live. And, I think about Cam's wise words, "it doesn't matter how much square footage we have...the kids will all be playing within 2 ft. of us". Ha-ha...and so true. No matter where we go in the comes 5 little kids and all their toys/noise right behind us. I guess they love us:) I know we are where God wants us to be right now. And, when he wants us to will happen.
Cam will be finished with school in Aug. Two more quarters!!!!!!!! Yeah!!! He is figuring out where he'd like to work, etc. Our dream of Hawaii and an adventure isn't dead. But, so far no job opportunities have presented themselves...AND our house would have to be sold in order to move. Hmpf!
For now, we are here, and that is fine....even if I feel like the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe. She does look happy...and I have much better fashion sense than her!!!

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