Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm sitting here in bed at 8:22 at night. I have the window open and I can hear birds chirping in the trees outside. I love this sound. It reminds me of Hawaii. Every morning we were up early as the sun was coming up and the birds were waking up. They were chirping away and it was such a lovely sound. Yesterday we were out in the yard and one of the kids said "mom, it sounds like Hawaii", when they heard the birds...or "little birdies" as we call them.
The sun has been out the last two days. Nice, nice, nice! I took the kids to the playground at Mr. P's school both days. I love to sit and soak up the sun. It's amazing how much happier and relaxed I feel when it's sunny...and warm...and the kids all run around and play....OUTSIDE! Whoohooooo! In our neck of the woods fall and winter and even spring can be long and dark and cold and rainy so we realllllllllllly appreciate it when the sun comes out and it warms up and the days grow long.
I'm looking forward to more days like today. I cleaned the kitchen after dinner while the kids ran around the backyard. It was so easy to clean without little ones...and not so little ones running under my feet. I love to listen to them play and look out the window and see them having fun. Summer is coming fast. Only about 4o school days left. Then the kids will be out playing all summer long. Cam will be gone. Well, he will be home one day a week. He will have four days of clinical and two 12 hour shifts at work. UGH! I'm hoping for a very warm nice summer...and the kids and I can just play and lounge about, ticking off the days until Cam/Daddy is DONE! I'm very glad that last rigorous quarter will be in the sunshine months and not during the wet cold and dark months. Sunshine makes me happy and gives me the energy I need to make it through to the end. Come on sunny weather....I need ya:)


  1. I love the sunny weather too. So sorry about your Cam having to be gone. Will be praying!

  2. Sunshine is very, very healing except when it isn't. Nevertheless, listening to the laughter of kids playing outside is one of my favorite sounds.



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