Monday, April 19, 2010


Yesterday morning I was laying in bed about 6:00 am (after a very sleepless night...which is another blog topic). I was cold and tired and was laying with my eyes closed trying to get warm. Sis was up (and had been up for hours...yes, part of that other story) as were the big boys. Mr. P came running into my room and yelled, "MOM, look what Sis is doing!". OH! I knew it wouldn't be good. I opened my eyes to see Mr. P holding my lipstick tube. "And...she did stuff to Tuba too", he added. Great! I drug myself out of bed and went off to find Sis...and Tuba. This is what I found! What a hoot! Other than smashing the end of my fairly new lipstick...I think she did a pretty good job on herself:) I had visions of her painting Tuba all over with the lipstick but instead I was happy to see she had merely kissed him. Awwww, very sweet. It was one of those, "NO! Don't do that"...but hold still for the camera moments.

1 comment:

  1. color isn't half bad on her :)
    of course, she is so dang cute, she'd look good in any color!



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