Sunday, April 11, 2010


On Friday we went to visit the tulip fields. It was a beautiful sunny day...cold but sunny. Most of the kids' spring break was cold and rainy and this was a much needed get out of the house day.
Everyone was excited to put on boots for our fun trip. The sunshine was so lovely and the muddy fields were mostly dry. There were still some puddles and muddy areas where of course everyone wanted to try out their boots! This means running through, splashing in, and jumping into! We saw a few kids who were covered from head to toe in mud from slipping and falling. Yikes!
This picture cracks me up. They look like a bunch of nuts and crabs. Smile everyone. :) We had such a fun time...really, we did. Look at the new dusting of snow on the distant hills. So beautiful with the bright flowers below the snow. We do live in a beautiful place.


  1. Beautiful! I can't believe that we've never gone there (well, maybe once - Mom?).

  2. Those pics are amazing! How beautiful! You are all so gorgeous!

  3. Yes, Rachel we did go once but we were probably whimpy and didn't get out of the car. (Too cold!)
    Nice photos!

  4. absolutely Wonderful! Thank you for sharing these family photos!

  5. Wimpy. Yes, I am a school teacher and I do know how to spell. (Most of the time!)



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