Monday, February 21, 2011

Mid Winter Break

The kids are having mid Winter break. So no school Fri. then the weekend then no school Mon. for the holiday and no school Tues. Such fun! We had beautiful sunshine over the weekend. The air was brisk and cold but sunny! Love it. We headed to the big city on Sat. to enjoy the sun and fresh air. We hadn't taken the kids to the fabulous market in a few years so that is where we went.

What a fun time we had. Fish and chips for lunch. Yummo! We took in the sights and walked our hearts out. The highlight of the day was watching a street performer play a harmonica, a guitar, and some maracas, while spinning two hula hoops and singing! Mr. P thought the guy was totally nuts...which he kind of was...but entertaining.

After the market we walked down to the waterfront and looked at the mummies at Ye Old Curiosity Shop. Baby George kept looking and saying...."oh, SO scary". Sis looked and said, "Look Mom, she's wearing a skirt, PRETTY". Yes, the mummy had a piece of cloth wrapped around her waist. What a girl!

I went back and looked how little the kids were the last time we spent the day at the market. Whaaaa! Oh, what little babies! Check them out here.

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  1. Oh, I was studying-studying at the Marriot on the water (just about 4 blocks from where your photo was taken) and I would have loved to had some hugs from you guys.



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