Thursday, February 24, 2011

Poopy Snow

It's another day off from school due to snow.

Here's a snow day riddle for you.

Question: What do you get when one 2 year old poops in the toilet and then puts a whole roll of toilet paper in and then flushes?

What do you get when 3 year old sister decides to help him out by flushing multiple times until the poopy soup runs over, and over and over the bowl?

What do you get when the poopy soup water runs all over the bathroom and then seeps through the floor vents and begins to run out of the light fixture in basement bathroom?

What do you get when poopy soup water is dripping and then splashing all over 2nd bathroom?

What do you get when the mom of these kids has to clean up gallons of poop soup in two bathrooms on her hands and knees?

Answer: You get one mom who really, really, really regrets wishing for another snow day!


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaack! I hope that you are now relaxing on the couch, with a glass on wine in hand, and all children tucked away in bed.
    I'm so sorry :(

  2. Oh man! I have to admit...I laughed. BUT I also feel very bad for you cleaning up that mess! Hugs!

  3. Soon as I stop LOL I'll start to feel bad for you. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  4. BwaaaaaaHaaaaaa ...sorry, that was really funny. Glad it wasn't me, or when I was there watching them for you.




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