Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Baby George and Sis have been playing together on Mr. P's top bunk. They climb up and then read books together. Today I heard BG yelling and I could hear the word "Mommy". I went in to see if he needed me to get him down. Of course Sis can climb up and down like a mountaineer...but BG isn't so sure footed and needs me to retrieve him. When I got into the room he tells me, "No, not you. I was calling Little Mommy" and he pointed to Sis. Precious. All day now he's been calling her Little Mommy. They are the sweetest. Although now I wonder if I'm going to be called Big Mommy?

1 comment:

  1. It's either "Big Mommy" or "Old Mommy" Pick one. (I can only say this since you are neither big nor least you're not - ahem - "Wrinkled Mommy"



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