Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snow Day

When it looks like this outside....

We decided to do this!

Now, Playdoh may cause some parents to run for the hills but I'd rather do Playdoh than bubbles any day!! Bubbles....Blech!!
The kids had a great time. Sis especially likes Playdoh and sat for over an hour playing with it. This is a miracle considering she doesn't sit still for two minutes all day long. At meal time she eats a few morsels of food and jumps down from the table to run around.

After Playdoh we dumped about a zillion little Legos out and made all kinds of ships, and robots. What a fun day!

Truth be told...the kids really wanted to go out and sled. Me? Not so much. The snow was wet and I already took them sledding....back in Nov. :)

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