Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Poor Sis...her burn is looking worse. The dark part is coming off now. Baby George was mad at her and poked her in the arm...and it removed a piece of skin. Ewwww. I called the Dr. today and got some special burn cream for it. It will help with healing and lessen scarring. I just feel sick about her burn.
And I'm feeling doubly sick because of this:
I went to the drive-through at Walgreen's to pick up the burn cream prescription. I was thrilled that it was only .80! Wow! I had called ahead to make sure it was ready. As I was waiting the lane next to me opened up so I backed up and started to move into the next lane when.....screeeeeeech.....! Oh! I looked at the guy's face in the car next to me and he had his lips all pursed up and was making a very bad face. OH! I had hit the stupid-short-yellow-concrete pole that separates the lanes. OH! I got out to look at the damage. OH! When I got back in I muttered..."Daddy is going to kill me!". Mr. P got all worried looking and said, "Is he REALLY going to kill you or is he just going to be mad?". Okay, that got me laughing. No, he isn't going to kill me....and I hoped he wouldn't be mad.
I drove straight over the the autobody shop and got an estimate. The preliminary estimate is $2,177.00. OH! Well, my hopes of paying out of pocket and avoiding an insurance claim were out the window. OH! My deductible is $300.00. Not that I can afford that but it beats the alternative. OH!
I then called Cam and told him I'd been in a wreck. Right away he wanted to know if we were all okay. Well, I can see that was a good way to start the conversation. :) Of course he isn't mad and he's just glad we weren't hurt. :)
In the end it made me think how it was a good life lesson for my kids. They were all in the car and got to see how I responded. Okay, at first I did say a bad word. My bad! OH! But, then I was calm and told the kids I was mad at myself but that we all make mistakes and accidents happen.
Such is life.


  1. sorry about sis's burn :(
    and your car accident :(

    tomorrow will be better!

  2. Boooo for dumb yellow concrete poles!
    Sorry :(
    But thankful for your safety and your insurance!



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