Monday, February 7, 2011

The Report

This sweet picture of Busy Guy was taken one afternoon last week. He was in his room playing and it was so quiet so I went to check on him. He was fast asleep in the midst of the Legos. Good thing a pillow was also on the floor.

The kids have all been growing and changing like crazy! Here's an update.

Tuba: He is doing wonderful at school. His teacher is amazing and the lady who rides the bus with him is the most positive person I have ever met. These wonderful women make Tuba's day great. He is continuing to say new words. It's amazing...when he sings he can put together so many words. He sings whole sentences and whole songs. His language has gotten more clear. It used to be that only his family knew what he was saying but now people who have never met him know what he is saying lots of the time. His seizures have been stable. Good news! He has been really hungry lately and is in a big growth spurt. Teenager!

Mr. P is really enjoying Taekwondo! It's the first sport he has done that he has LOVED from the beginning. He pays close attention and is a fast learner in class. He is anxious to learn his form so he can test for the next belt level.

Busy Guy also loves TKD! He is the tiniest kid in class. The classes are taught by belt level and not age so the class in age 4 up through adult. BG looks so small. His uniform is huge on him. He is also a studious learner. The instructor has commented how well BG is doing for such a wee kid.

Sis is singing her days away. She loves to sing and often puts two or more songs together to make one of her own creations. She is a busy body too! She is in to LOTS of things and keeps me hopping...I mean cleaning! ;) Her latest was to squeeze toothpaste up and down the cat! Ugh! I put her into time-out and after getting the cat cleaned up I went to talk to Sis. She looked me right in the eye and said, "I NOT sorry!". Well....I left her in the corner and she soon became sorry. Ha!
Yesterday she got a terrible burn at our friend's house. She was standing near their woodstove and somehow touched her arm against it. She was wearing a sleeveless dress so her poor arm was really burned. Ouch! At first we only saw the small burn near her elbow where the skin came off. But once we were home I looked at her arm and then I about flipped! I called the Doctor and after putting cold washcloths on it she felt better. She cried for a bit but hasn't complained about it since. This morning I noticed a few more blisters on the burn (there is also water or her arm as I took this photo in the tub). She is tough! I'd be crying and wincing in pain if I had that burn. Poor girl....poor Mama.

Baby George is a BIG boy. He took to potty training like a champ. No accidents! He wears big boy undies and has no problem going potty in various public restrooms. Yeah! He is super excited for Fall. He says he wants a Batman backpack!

Cam and I are doing well. The adjustment to Cam's new work schedule is going great. We finally trained our tummies to wait a bit longer for dinner. :) I love having Cam home most nights for family dinner and I LOVE having him home on the weekends! TGIF finally means something to me! Cam is also doing TKD and really having a good time.


  1. Thank you so much for the update. It is wonderful to know that all your hard work to get to this point is really paying off with lots of time together. I am sorry about Sis's "owie arm" - the tough thing about burns is it sometimes takes them so long to heal and they can be such sites for infection but I know you will keep a good eye on it. Hugs to everyone.

  2. Poor Sis! That burn is awful. :-(

  3. Love the update on the kids! Love that Tuba is speaking a lot more, glad that Mr. P and BG are loving TKD, love the Sis/cat story, and LOVE love that BGeorge is potty trained...good for him!!!



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