Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday....usually. This year was not my year. Last year I went all out. See photos here. I had a big dinner planned and my table planned too. But, the day was chaotic and I had so much to do....ie: laundry. So, at 4:30 I was totally overwhelmed (hadn't started dinner, hadn't set anything out for the table and was still folding laundry) and called Cam to say we should go out to dinner. Where can you go at the last minute with no reservation on Valentine's Day?? Pizza! We went to our favorite place and had a nice dinner and nice time together. And we got to come home to a clean kitchen! Yeah!

I did get an amazing Valentine gift from my mom and her husband Bill. Yipee! I LOVE antique Valentine cards and I mentioned it to my mom a few years ago. Well, she surprised me with this fabulous bunch of cards!! They are so lovely. They are in perfect condition. I really enjoyed looking at each of them. I love how Valentine cards were not commercial...ie: Sponge Bob and Transformers (yes, that is what my boys picked out). The antique ones are so much more fun. I bought some picture holders to display them. Someday I'd like to have a table with a glass overlay where I can display the cards. Thanks mom and Bill!!

Here is the update on Sis. Her burn has lost almost all of the charred part. It literally peeled off like a piece of BBQ chicken. Ewwww! I know it! She is very good at letting me put the burn cream on it and keep it covered. It looks to be healing well. I wonder how long it will take the pigment to return? Any ideas?? Leave it in the comments for me.
Now that I've ruined your appetite by talking about her burn I'll make ya laugh. At Target yesterday Sis saw a white dress with green shamrocks on it. Super cute. The dress also came with bloomers with a frog on the tushy. She loved it! I love St. Patrick's Day and of course wanted to get her the dress. The bummer was that it only came in infant sizes. I went ahead and bought her the 24 mos. She is tiny. It fits great! She is in love with it and has been wearing it...and the frog "undies" for two days. Today she is wearing it with red and white polka dot tights and matching red with white polka dot sweatshirt. Spiffy!


  1. Burns are awful. I remember when Zo burned her hand and it was all blistered. Have no idea about the pigment--sorry.

    I love that she can wear 24mos clothes. So much of Zo's wardrobe is still 2t and 24 mos. Awesome.

  2. Sebastian got the chicken pox really bad 2 years ago and the marks are still there, even though I rubbed them with cocoa butter every night.
    It isn't exactly the same though, as his pox were darker marks, not loss of pigment.

  3. I hadn't see this post. The cards are beautiful, I'm so happy you like them. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you XOXOXOXO

  4. Sis's burn is awful! Glad it healed well. Love to all of you!



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