Thursday, February 3, 2011

Weighing In

So I'm back at it. Trying to lose some lbs. that is. I really like Weight Watchers. It works for me. I can't do the online thing....I've got to go in and get weighed. I don't mind so much someone else see my weight. It sounds crazy but having the weight written down in my book works for me. Now, I could do that at home but it's much easier to "forget" about weigh-in day. :) Also, I do like for someone to say, "good job" to me when the weight goes down. Here's a secret about me...more like a neurosis...If I know I did not lose any weight...well, I will just skip a weigh-in, get back on track. Then the next week my book can reflect my loss. I do NOT want a gain recorded in my precious WW book. Of course there are times I really fall off the wagon and months pass without a weigh-in. Then it's really hard for me to go back. But, I have returned.

The good news is WW has a new program. That means a new book! Yeah, I don't have to look at my weight gain...okay, it was only 3 lbs. but still I hate to see it. Worse yet I hate to feel it in the waist band of my jeans! Blech! Back to the new program. I like it! WW stole one of my famous quotes. They should have given me credit for it...I have been saying it for about 15 years. Here it is. "Nobody ever got fat eating too much fruit". Tadaaaaa! Seriously!! The point of them saying that is because there is no longer a point value for fruit. Eat as much as you want! Bravo! I have always said it was silly to meticulously weigh and measure my fruit.

More neurosis on my part. When I get weighed at WW I go on the same day of the week each time. I only go in the morning. I do NOT want to know what I weight at night...thank you. I wear the same outfit each week (sweats, t-shirt, socks), I take off my shoes, and sweatshirt. I make sure I'm wearing my wedding ring and no earrings. This is what I wore the first time I weighed in....some 7 years ago. Now for the really crazy town part. I drink one cup of tea, eat one yogurt and make sure I've done my morning constitutional. I know...TMI...but I already said I was neurotic. Then as I stand on the scale I wonder if I should spit, blow my nose, exhale. I wonder if my haircut will make a difference. Yep. There ya have it. Crazy Town.


  1. LOL, I don't wear the exact same thing when I get weighed at the doctor's office, but I wear very similar things because I don't want the reading to get thrown off!

  2. You are always beautiful. Mostly I want you to be healthy and happy. And I do think that whatever it takes to make you healthy and happy (and to FEEL beautiful) is certainly worth an occassional "weigh-in" Hugs.

  3. You crack me up! I think the reason I like reading your blogs is because I think I am alot like you! Is that good or bad? Or just neurotic?



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