Friday, January 6, 2012

Birthday Girl!

My sweet spunky sassy silly Sis turned 4!! She is a power house of energy. She is 40 inches tall and weighs 31 lbs. She sings at the TOP of her lungs all day long. She runs at full speed. She still needs less sleep than the rest of the kids...and less than I need her to have. ;) She is her Mama's girl though. She loves to go everywhere with me and do what I do. Sis is totally into princesses lately. At the library she wants to check out all the princess books. Then she sits and marvels at their "boutiful" dresses. She still LOVES clothes more than toys although she is playing with her dolls a lot now. Of course the influence of 4 brothers and all the boy toys has made it's mark on her. She was recently singing a made up song about Power Rangers to the tune of Away In A Manger. So funny! Sis loves her doggy. LOVES! She spends a big portion of her time talking baby talk to her....and dragging her/carrying her around.
For the birthday girl's day we went out to lunch and then went to the Children's Museum. Cam was on vacation, Yeah! After playing we came home, regrouped and headed out for dinner at Sis's choice. she chose The Ram. Yum. Good burgers and beers and root beers. Aunt Cinn, Uncle Jamie and baby joined us. Then we came home and had ice cream cake. Strawberry ice cream, chocolate ice cream with an Oreo crust. Whipped cream on top and lots of pink sprinkles. Sis picked it all out. We bought her a bike for her b-day. I'll get pics and post them later. My camera was dead when she opened her gift. The bike is of course pink with streamers and a bell. The might get "misplaced" by me....okay, I'll just wear ear plugs.
Here's a few pics of my beautiful girl. So thankful to have her as my daughter. So blessed by God to have my Ethiopian sweetie.

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  1. These are great pictures! Thank you for sharing her energy, pluck and smiles.



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