Sunday, January 15, 2012

Snow Day!

Snow day!! Yeah! We stayed home from church this morning. The roads were icy and we had snow! Yeah Snow!! Enough to get the sled out and play. After a pancake breakfast we quickly (HAHA) got into our snow clothes and headed outside. The good thing about getting 5 kids into warm clothes, boots, mittens, hats, scarves, etc. is that you are warm...actually sweaty hot by the time you get out into the cold air. See? Bonus to having a zillion little kids. :)
Sis was of course totally fashionable in her matching outfit. No need to look bad just cause it's cold outside. Oh, no! It was a pink and purple combo today....okay, what else is new? I got a few of the kids new snow boots this week on super clearance! We are really blessed when it comes to hand-downs. We have snow pants in every size that a friend gave us. I pulled out the bins of snow boots and bins of gloves/mittens/hats/scarves. I had to buy Sis a pair of mittens but everyone else had what they needed.
Cam is one of the BIG kids. He is the first on the sled and luckily can handle lots of weight on him.
I love to sled too! I love to hear my kids giggle as we fly down the hill. It's really good for me to get outside and breath some fresh air and have fun!
We take turns going on the sled and such there are 7 of us we made a "nobody sleds alone" rule. Then we figured out that maybe we should buy another sled. Huh???....we are smart but sometimes slow on the uptake. So, we'll be looking for another sled just like the one we have. It's awesome...and made in the USA. I'll share details later.

Sis was the only one who wouldn't sled. Hmmm....the Wild Child? She spent her time digging in the snow and throwing snow balls. She had fun! After snow play we came home and had grilled cheese and hot cocoa with ssssmarshmallows as Baby George calls them. We are hoping for MORE snow! We live in a beautiful area and are so thankful to God for the beauty around us and the amazing family we have.


  1. What a fun family! And your current "snow hills" are safe, safe, safe!

  2. I think it is funny that you have all this snow and we barely have any. Looks like fun!



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