Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whoa Girl!

Okay...first was Thanksgiving, then my birthday, then along came Christmas and New Year's and then my anniversary...and then...5 days with the kids home and SNOW. Why is snow so fattening? Well, the buck chicken pot-pie, mac-n-cheese, pudding, cake, cookies, cocoa and smarshmallows, grilled tuna and cheese, dove bars and a plethora of other fatty sugary foods end NOW! Tomorrow is back to the gym and back to clean eating. No white flour, no sugar. No more fat hiney! This week Baby George told me I bumped him with my FAT butt. Hmmmm....I thought about correcting him but ya know what, he called it like he saw it and he is right. This girl needs to put down the dessert, MOVE AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN BECKY!! I'll be reading that to myself this week....numerous times a day. I'd post pics but really I don't want to loose all my readers.

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