Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow Much Fun

We are on our third day of snow, snow, snow! Snow much fun! Cam was home yesterday which was really fun. He took the boys sledding while Sis and I made Valentine Cards. We had a blast! Sis was in love with glitter (who isn't?) and was cranking out the cards. When we were done she was covered in glitter....even the bottom of her feet. No problem...I'll just clean it up with my vacuum. Ooops...I forgot the vacuum is in the shop. :0 Well, we just swept and swept...and oh, well, what can can little glitter hurt?

We decorated for Valentine's Day. My favorite holiday! Love, and candy, and sparkles, and red and favorite colors! The kids and I are writing love notes to each other. You've got mail!!
We take time to sit, drink hot drinks and enjoy the view. Oh...the view.
We get a little stir we dance! Plus, we (okay, me) have been eating like pigs! Cookies, chicken pot pie,grilled tuna and cheese, cocoa and ssssmarshmallows, did I say cookies?
We got tattoos right after breakfast. And...yes, we wear costumes all day long.
And then....we head back outside for some more sledding and snow!


  1. It is so fun to know you are enjoying your winter bliss! I love you and miss each and every one of you.

  2. I love your view! Glitter?! You are so brave - there was just a discussion in the staff room about glitter the other day. I can't post it here but remind me to tell you sometime what custodians have to say about it. I see you had N.E. over - how fun! :)



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