Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grocery Day

As I'm sure you can imagine it takes a lot of food to feed our family. I can only imagine (in fear) how much it will take in the when we have 4 teens and an adult child at home! I used to do most of my shopping from Safeway delivery. It was a complete life saver! Seriously! A friend recommended I do it (she also has 5 kids and had "twins" through birth and adoption). Since we moved, and since the kids have grown I haven't needed to use the delivery service.
I get most of our groceries from Costco. I can go every other week and then fill-in what else we need with a few trips to the regular grocery store. Costco has a huge selection of organic. I buy organic milk, eggs, some veggies/fruit, and some meat. I can get in and out in an hour. I usually spend around $500.00. They have carts that seat two kids...super bonus. And the best part is we can get hot dogs, churros and drinks for CHEAP. No, they aren't organic...but nobody is perfect. :) Sometimes I go when the kids are all at school but it's actually not too bad anymore to take them with me. Life is changing!
The worst part of shopping day? Bringing it home and putting it away!! Horrible. This week I got to Costco at 10:00, left at 11:15, picked up kids at school at 11:30, came home and unloaded car, then gave kids a quick lunch, finished putting groceries away (breaking down the cardboard too) at 1:30! Blech! Then I looked around my kitchen and saw the breakfast dishes, the lunch dishes and the dishwasher needing to be unloaded....and the unread morning newspaper. Darn it! Hmmm...maybe I should try the delivery thing again??
I do want to share something awesome about my house. This was a major selling feature for us. The kitchen has a HUGE amount of room for food. We left our garage freezer at the rental house. We don't need it anymore! It looks like an enormous built in system but it's actually a stand alone freezer and stand alone fridge next to each other. LOVE IT!! The freezer is having a little leaking issue and that's why the bottom section is empty...except for ice build up. But, once we get it fixed it will hold even more.
Don't ya love to snoop in someone's fridge? Have at it! Ummm...yes, that is a lot of yogurt. The kids can only have one a day. I usually buy Chobani Greek yogurt but they didn't have any. Phooey. Why yes, that is a lot of apples. You know what they say about an apple a day! And this about bread. Several times as I'm checking out at Costco the checker will make a comment about how much bread I have. I told the gal last month that I have 5 kids after she remarked, "that's a lot of bread!". Then she told me I didn't have nearly enough wine in my cart! ;o Oh, and yes there is some junk food in there. Corn dogs....yep. Easy dinner for the days when I have very little the day I shopped for groceries!

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