Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Bump

The only small bump in the road on our vacation was sick kids. But, I have to say that it really caused no problem. It was the perfect vacation to have kids get sick.

A couple of days before we left Busy Guy was the first to get sick. Little fever and cough. Then George got it the next day. Big fever which made him vomit. Oh, now at this point I was worried. I was imagining a 5 hours car ride with sick kids....potentially all throwing up and crying.

But, as it turns out George only threw up once and the car ride went fine. He still had a fever but Motrin brought it down and he was comfortable.

On the second day of vacation Mr. P got a big fever. He was very ill. Did. Not. Feel. Good. He laid on the sofa all day and slept or watched TV. It was perfect! We were able to sit out on the deck and play on the beach while he rested. I was thanking God that we weren't at Disneyland....where this would put a major damper on the fun factor.

The next day Mr. P was well and then whammo it hit Tuba. Poor guy. Big fever and no appetite (any time Tuba won't eat we know he's getting sick). He laid in a deck chair all day and rested. We neglected to sunblock his face and unfortunately he got a sunburn on one side of his face.

Later that same day Sis was running around playing and then suddenly stopped...held her head...and whimpered that she had a head ache. I felt her head and sure enough it was burning up. I gave her some Motrin and sat down with her to cuddle. It was lovely. She snuggled into me and sat for a good long hour. Then BANG, fever was down and off she went playing again at warp speed.


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