Friday, September 14, 2012

First Day of School

I'm so behind in my posts but I feel the need to get the back to school photos up. Our vacation actually happened before school started but this post is shorter so it will have to go first.

Everyone is very happy to be back at school!

Tuba started his junior year of high school. He was ecstatic when the bus pulled up.

Mr. P is now in 3rd grade and Busy Guy is happily attending school all day now as a big 1st grader. They come home very tired but so happy. Learning is hard work!

Sis and baby brother both started preschool this week. They are in separate classes this year. Sis is in the pre-K program and George is in the preschool age 4 group. They are going four mornings a week!! Did you just hear my heels click together! I'm enjoying some of that quiet time I needed. I do miss them too. That absence making the heart grow fonder is really true. My heart aches for them and I'm so happy to have them back in my arms at the end of the three hours.

My driving routine is so nice this year. Especially when I consider that THIS is what it used to be like. Yikes!!

I get Tuba on the bus at 6:45
Leave house at 8:35 with the rest of the gang.
Drop two at preschool at 8:45.
Drop the other two at school at 9:00.
Pick up at preschool at 11:45.
That's it. Tuba comes home at 2:10 and bus brings him to our house. Other boys ride bus home and walk a couple blocks to our house! Yeah!!

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  1. Excellent. But I know are volunteering at something I'll bet! Thank you for posting the pictures and is so wonderful when kids are happy to be going to school!



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