Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Loosin' It

Busy Guy has patiently waited to lose a tooth. Well, a tooth other than this one. He was one of the only kids in Kindergarten that did not lose a tooth.

Finally this summer....a wiggly tooth. On the first day of school he came home with it hanging. He had a LONG day at school and was tired. His tooth was making it hard to eat. We tried to get him to yank it, tie it to the dog....to a door....to mom. But, no. He would have none of that.

But, a couple hours later out popped the tooth! Oh NO! That was my first thought. If you don't know about our lame tooth fairy you can read about her HERE. She's not so great.

She's made LOTS of mistakes along the way. The first child in this family didn't care at all about getting something from the tooth fairy. Personally, I kind of like it that way. But, when child number two started losing teeth the tooth fairy got very fancy and went WAY overboard. She also felt sorry for the younger brother and brought him a gift too. Yes, that's right I said GIFT! Not a few coins or a couple of dollars but gifts like Lego's or action figures. Very cool gifts. Very expensive and hard to come by at 9:00 pm gifts!

Then the tooth fairy realized the stupid mistake she had made. This was realized around the same time that the children began writing notes for the tooth fairy telling her what they would like. Huh? I'm sorry to say that this is true. But, that smart tooth fairy she wrote them back a note and told them that she was shaking things up and no longer leaving gifts. She also had to break the bad news that no more siblings gifts would be given either. You see, the tooth fairy realized that there were now five kids in our family....you get her point.

So I was a bit shocked when BG lost his tooth the other day and quickly sat down to draft his request letter to the tooth fairy. The memory on that kid is insane! He was disgruntled but ended up leaving his tooth in a glass of water (something our sitter taught the kids) on the kitchen counter (my rule since the tooth fairy shouldn't have to remember to do something that isn't in plain sight).

In the morning he was (sort of) happy to receive $3.00. He's been carrying it around the house with him...just in case he finds something for sale. I'm sure the dollars will be more exciting when he gets to spend them.....on candy to rot his teeth or a plastic piece of junk that will break in two minutes. I'm kind of cynical about the whole tooth fairy thing.

I did however just read a great idea! On Dalai Mama's blog a friend left a comment saying that it is an Ethiopian custom to throw the tooth up onto the roof and make a wish. Genius!! I love it and will be doing this with the next tooth that comes out.....even if the tooth fairy also leaves $3.00.


  1. That is hilarious! Yes, we never slept on a tooth but put it in a glass of water and got a little hard change (which was worth a lot in those days of buying a soda or shake for a quarter...or a gallon of gas for that matter)

    But, it is good the Tooth Fairy has a learning curve.

  2. This cracks me up. The tooth fairy has sure evolved over the years. When I was young, we knew there was no tooth fairy, no Santa Claus, no Easter Bunny and we never got money. We got to keep our old stinky tooth and that was it. I forgot to be a tooth fairy once for our youngest and I had to LIE big time about how she just missed it while dad kept her busy. Too stressful! I can't imagine that times 5. As for the roof traditon, I like it but wonder about all of those little teeth laying up on your roof, lol.



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