Sunday, September 30, 2012


Here I am enjoying my vacation. So at peace. I let my brain relax like no other time of the year. The ocean hypnotizes my hyper little brain cells into submission.

Most of the time my brain is doing things like this:

The other day I was thinking about how I am such a Control Freak. Yes, I totally admit it. I embrace it....BUT, sometimes I try to shut it down too.

So, I was in a situation where I REALLY thought I could do it better, fix it, smooth out the wrinkles...if only I was in charge. I kept up the self talk, "don't say anything, let it be, stop trying to control everything". I did this while biting my tongue and squishing my eyes closed. It did work. :)

Then while I was mentally congratulating myself for my self control I got to wondering if there are support groups for Control Freaks. I envisioned myself sitting in the meeting....getting less control freaky. Then envisioned how I would like to be in CHARGE of the meeting. Yes, the Head Control Freak.


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