Saturday, September 8, 2012

My office

This lovely photo is from our recent vacation. Beautiful. Really just picture fluff for this post. But, if I could have this deck and view for an office I would be thrilled!

I'm home alone...right I type! The house is blissfully quiet. The dog is cuddled up next to me. I'm eating dark chocolate. Happy times.

It's a very rare occurrence that I am ever home....alone. In the year we have lived here I have spent less than 5 HOURS home alone. Yep.

Tonight Cam took the troop over to a friend's house for a bonfire and smores. Not even a delicious smore cooked over a fire could tempt me. You see, I realized that if I didn't go with them....I could be home alone. Genius!

After spending a very fun, very busy, jam packed summer home with the kids I have been needing (ie: eye twitching, nerves jumping, fantasizing about a quiet office with my name on the door) some alone time.

Yes, yes, school is back in. Glorious school! The savior of my sanity! Seriously! I love my kids and I love being a stay home mom. BUT, in 8 weeks I left the house ALONE only a handful of times. I am in need of some alone time.

I've been thinking how I should have done things differently. When my kids were babies I should NEVER have taken them in the bathroom with me. EVER. Listen up all you newbie mamas! Do not let them cross the threshold. EVER. Also, maybe the laundry room could be just entrance allowed. I could go in there and regroup, breath, fold laundry and meditate. If I had started this when my kids were babes then I would have at least two places to go in my house when I needed to be alone.

As it is now I constantly have kids coming in the bathroom while I'm showering (you can't see through the curtain) or using the toilet. One large problem is our bathroom off our bedroom has no lock on the door. Its a pocket door...with no lock. How inconvenient. My big kids know not to come into my bedroom with knocking. But, instead they have taken to yelling, "MOM, are you naked?". Seriously. Sometimes I say yes just so they will go back downstairs. That can be our little secret.

Also, anywhere I go in the house I have a group of followers. I can settle in any room to work, read, clean, you name it and within a few minutes I'll be joined by kids. It's nice to be loved but, MAN I could use a wee bit of quiet time. If I could just get 5 minutes of quiet I could clear my head. I'd be a better mom! Do you hear that? 5 minutes!!!

And let's talk about when I need to make a phone call! I know all the parents out there are shaking their head in agreement. It's impossible to talk on the phone without kids talking to me, yelling at each other, starting WWIII.....etc., etc., etc.! I have actually checked my kids into to daycare at the gym and then gone out to the lobby to make phone calls. Yes indeed....I have also sat in said lobby drinking coffee and surfing the net. It's the closest I can get to a quiet office.

So, alas here I sit in my cushy bed in total peace and quiet. Watched the sun set over the water. Lovely. Much needed.


  1. Back in the days of cords-on-phones, I used to stand outside on the porch (cord through a crack) and hold the knob (tight!) while the kids yelled and pounded and said they really-really needed to talk to me...and I would try to hold a sane conversation with the doc's office, the banker, the pres of the PTA, etc., etc. Or, actually, I would lock myself IN the car and quietly read the paper and eat a candy bar all by myself :)

  2. I watched you the other night with a pile of kids on your lap reading a book at 9:30 at night and I so admire you! You were loving and kind while being forceful "Yes, it is really prayer and bedtime..." even when the glazed look of exhaustion settled on your face. Your house is spotless compared to mine (and I only have a husband and two dogs), your kids are happy and well loved. As your sweetie often says- you rock!



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