Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On his heart

I've said before how Mr. P looks after Tuba. He is such a good brother to him. I know that when Cam and I are gone from this world that Mr. P will take care of Tuba.

The other day Mr. P was sitting on Cam's lap just snuggling and chatting. The following is the conversation they had.

Mr. P: Is it hard for you and mom to have a special needs child?

Cam: Yes, but there is also a lot of joy too.

Mr. P: What if I have a special needs child?

Cam: Well, you are so good to Tuba and you will be a good dad to your child too.

Mr. P: I think God is preparing me to have a special needs child.

Cam and I got all teary....and choked up and couldn't talk for a few minutes. How insightful of Mr. P that he thinks about these things. He feels it.

God does speak to us and we feel things on our hearts. I'm so thankful that Mr. P is listening and exploring what God is saying to him.

I don't know if Mr. P will have a special needs child but I do believe that there is a reason he feels that God is preparing his heart. I pray that he will continue to listen for God's guidance. What more could a parent hope for.


  1. Ok- I am all teary too. What a special guy and wise beyond his years.

  2. He shows the double-strengths of both his parents - loving and protective. Thank you for posting.

  3. He was blessed with something special. What a insightful little man!



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