Friday, September 28, 2012


I don't like pop. I don't want my kids to drink pop. I don't want my kids to like pop. Fail!
The only time they get to have pop is when we are out for dinner (and not every time) or for special occasions....or when Cam takes them to the store. Oh! Love my hubby but we don't totally at all agree on the topic of kids drinking pop. :)
Why do I not want my kids to drink pop? In case you are a pop drinking person and can't figure out why I don't want my kids to drink it. Seriously, pop is NOT good for you. The ingredients? Sugar and chemicals. Not good for your teeth or your insides.
Okay, so that's my soap box. Of course I don't mind the occasional (less than once a month) pop going down my kids' gullets. The kids would argue for more!
While on vacation we were walking the beach when Busy Guy spotted this rolling in the surf. It was like a gift from the sea....or God. He ran down to check it out. At first I thought it was an empty can and instructed him to grab it so we could recycle it. But was a full can. It was in pretty good condition...must not have been at sea for long. Oh, the kids were so excited! I  cringed but let them share it. Five kids, and 12 oz. couldn't be that bad for them.
They loved it. Fresh from the sea. I should send these photos to Coke!
How do you feel about pop? Do you call it soda or pop? What other foods/drinks do you have to work hard to limit in your kids' lives...and how do you do it?


  1. We are mostly a no-soda (pop) family. I used to be addicted to diet soda but gave it up. I don't usually buy it for my kids. Noah isn't a big fan. He likes the occasional orange soda or root beer. Zo on the other hand--loves it. But only gets it when we fly or sometimes when we go out--she never finishes it. I'm lucky as the kids mostly ask for water or milk. Hoping that keeps up.

  2. I used to love root beer and cream soda...and I grew up in a pop-fmily...Gramma Pudge's husband worked for coca-cola. There are many stories about my parents, saturday night dances and whiskey and coke. Cam's little sister loves pop as a treat but I don't keep it in the house for Keith or I. And, you will notice, I bring sparkling cider as a special treat to your place.

  3. I'm a soda girl. Diet Coke with Lime is my kryptonite. Or Ginger ale. I LOVE ginger ale. I'm working on switching over to juice, but it's just so hard!

  4. Hahaha. That was hilarious - 5 kids gulping down 12 oz.

    We don't drink pop. I haven't had any for over 20 years, after I gave up by Diet Coke addiction. Christian hasn't drank any for about the same amount of time. The kids have had Blue Sky Root Beer a few times, but that has been it except for the illicit Dr. Pepper that our neighbor gave to them - grrrr...

    They don't ask for it I think mostly because they don't see us drinking it and because they know what it is made from and why it is so terrible for you (Cam!).



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