Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The day so far...

I started the day today at 6:30 am. I went in to wake up Tuba. The house was pitch dark and Tuba was all snuggled up in his blankets sleeping soundly. I pulled back his blankets, rubbed his cheek and said "time to get up". He opened his sleepy eyes and said, "Eggs". It cracked me up. I guess he was dreaming of breakfast already:)
Then it was off to the dentist for Baby Guy's appt. They took off the broken piece. He cried a tiny bit (mostly I think from being held down). It bled a tiny bit. The whole thing took 2 minutes. It doesn't look as bad (snaggletoothed) as I thought it would. Now it's wait and pray time. We are to keep the area really clean by brushing it (starting tomorrow). Hopefully, God willing, the tooth will heal, not turn black and not need to be pulled. If all goes well than in a couple of years the dentist will build up the tooth so it looks normal. That would be great!
Then it was back home to wait for my new flooring to be delivered! Yeah! It's been 2 months without a floor covering in the entry, laundry, sewing area. It's such a mess and the concrete is so cold and gross to look at. Tomorrow the marmoleum gets installed. Yipee:)

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