Thursday, October 11, 2007

Library day

Today was library day. It's one of my very favorite things to do with my boys. The little boys and I go once a week to our wonderful downtown public library. We start our time in the library's coffee shop. It's so much fun to sit at a table with our treats (latte for mama, cocoa for boys, sandwich, chips, and a cookie to share. After our treats we head off to the drop off area and return our previous week's checkout. Mr. 4 yr. old is such a gentleman and holds the swinging arm open for us to go through into the main area. We check in on the huge fish tank before heading to look at books, play with the toys and games (Mr. Potato Head is the current favorite), draw on the chalkboard and finally pick a movie. Tonight will be so much fun at book time when we get to read our newest treasures!
This morning while I was in the shower Mr. 4 yr. old came to tell me Shiloh was eating some toilet paper. I told him it was okay and it wouldn't hurt her. She likes to unravel the roll and sometimes bites a piece off. Little did I know that she had taken the whole roll off and was "beating it up". There were little bits of blood from her teeth all over the bits of paper. I think she might be losing her baby teeth. She was not happy when I cleaned it all up.


  1. I LOVE library day! Ours is on Friday mornings right after the big girls have all-school Mass. We are heading off tomorrow, so I'm trying to gather up everything tonight!


  2. That cat picture is hilarious! And I wish our library had a coffee shop!



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