Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Beautiful Special Boy

I read a blog today about a little girl with Down Syndrome. It was a touching story. The Mom talks about how many times they have been told "never" about their daughter and how many times the "never" has been proven wrong. Reading this made me think about my own sweet special boy. We have been very fortunate though to have Dr.'s, teachers and therapists who don't give us the "never" speech. The one instance that stands out in my mind is when a speech therapist said to me that Tuba "will never talk, well, not like you and I talk". When she said it my first thought was, "Whatever fool!". My feeling was that we don't know Tuba's limits and we (especially the therapist) should aim high. Reading this post also made me think about when my hubby was in Nursing school and his class was discussing medical ethics. He came home and told me how the professor was talking about "therapeutic abortions". These types of abortions were for couples who had found out their child had a "flaw" like a genetic disease, like Down Syndrome. My hubby said it made him sick and so sad that the majority of his classmates felt a "therapeutic abortion" was the best choice. He said he kept thinking how our Tuba was much lower functioning than most Down Syndrome kids. His comment was, "Who is the abortion therapeutic for? Certainly not the child.". Anyone who has spent time with a developmentally disabled person knows how much they have to contribute. I'm sad to think that as prenatal testing gets more accurate there will be fewer and fewer special babies being born. Yes, it can be hard at times to raise a special needs child. But hard in different ways than raising my other children. There are things about raising Tuba that are easier and more joyful too. The sweet, happy, delightfully innocent boy that is ours is a blessing from God. There is nothing I would change about him. God knew what He was doing and we are blessed by it.


  1. Man... reading that other post, and then yours... you are causing a lot of tears here!

    And I love this... "Whatever fool!"

    Great answer to those dumb doctors/therapists who say never.

  2. I second everything that Denise said! and I am heading right back over to my blog to add your post to my entry! So worth the read.


  3. My favorite quote......"Whatever Fool!" Your words about Tuba are beautiful. We are all very blessed to know him! Seeing his face light up whenever he sees the altar at Church is precious. I believe he sees the love and protection of his heavenly angels. He is a beautiful, loving boy. :)

  4. You're right--so many do miss out on the joy a special needs child adds not only to our lives as parents but those around them.

    We have a child with special needs. At times parenting him can be a challenge, he gives us immeasurable joy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanking God with you for your special guy! And Amen to what your hubby said about "theraputic abortion"! Makes me sick too...God really does know what He's doing and I'm so glad that there are still great parents out there like you!

  6. I know I speak for all the grandparents and other adults (your church family, your other friends and other relatives) when I say we have ALL been so blessed to have our Tuba in our lives. He has out-classed, out-performed, out-smiled the therapist who said "Never." He has astounded us with his achievements and gifted us with his love, his hugs, his smiles, his constant learning. He is an inspiration for us all.

  7. If I didn't get my Tuba raspberries and backrubs my life would definitely be missing out on some serious sunshine. Seeing him swaying up front in prayer at church, eager to light candles and gazing with such joy at the icons...he is in the constant prayer of the heart that we are all to strive for--that kind of holy wisdom will beat out the knowledge of the mind every time. I hope Cam had a picture of his sweet boy to show those knuckleheads at school. Love you guys.

  8. Hi Becky. Love that little boy and the lessons he teaches us all. Bless you. Auntie

  9. I found you through Building the Ark and I love this response- Love it!
    We do not know the potential in any other human being, but we know the One who does.



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