Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Mama has gone 'round the bend

I'm just sick and beside myself with grief. Baby guy had a bad fall on Sunday and his top front tooth is cracked all the way up to the gum. We went to our dentist yesterday and then this morning to the specialist. The opinion of the two dentists is that the inner piece should be removed (because it keeps twisting forward) and then we can do a wait and see on the rest of the tooth. I've been warned that most likely the whole tooth will have to come out. If one more person says, "It's only a baby tooth" I think I'll have to sit on my hands to keep from whacking them! The dentist didn't say this (they've dealt with plenty of moms to know better:). I'd like to know one adult who would think it's perfectly fine to have no front tooth for 5 plus years! All the grandparents have been perfectly sympathetic and helpful. I'm going to call Children's Hospital's dental clinic today and see if we should get one more opinion. I just wish they could glue it or fix it somehow. It will take about 6 weeks to tell how much the root is damaged and if the tooth is going to die and have to come out anyway. Say some prayers for baby guy's tooth (and some for his mama too).
If you click the picture you can look at his tooth up close. It's his top left (right side of picture) tooth. The costume was his brothers suggestion. Baby guy loves wearing it!


  1. Sorry to hear about Baby Guy's tooth. I will keep him in my prayers.

  2. Big prayers going out, both for baby guy and for you!

  3. I don't know how comforting my comments will be but people who say, "it's only a baby tooth" have not had to deal with the pain of a chipped tooth (it hurts every time you inhale cold air or drink anything cold). Ditto for the hot stuff. I am just so impressed that our little guy has parents who understand this isn't merely a childhood "owie" to be endured or ignored but are pro-active in taking care of this. I know you will do what is best for our little guy. Be sure to give us all a follow-up.

  4. Becky! I'm so sorry for both of you. We'll be praying and keep us posted on the outcome.


  5. (((Becky)))

    I am so sorry! I totally understand.

    Can they do a crown? When our dd was 2 a little boy smashed into her with a toy and it cracker hed tooth in a similar fashion (split lengthwise,exposing the root) and they actually did a root canal and put on a crown.

    Poor you and your poor baby :o(


  6. I hate the whole it's only a baby tooth. Our little on chipped his front tooth about a week after it really came in. I have to say that it was only a chip at the bottom, but I am sorry that Babyguy's chip is so bad. I hope it heals well.



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