Thursday, February 7, 2008

Having So Much Fun

We went shopping Target of course...for some baby girl clothes! Mr. P was excited to pick out a PJ to send to his new baby sister in her welcome bag. He also suggested we buy her a could I say no to that;0 We also bought her a little toy and a photo album to fill with pictures of her new family. Speaking of new family...As we were driving in the car Mr. P asked me questions about his new sister. As we talked about sending her photos of us he asked me, "What happened to her old family?". I explained how we don't really know but that they were probably very poor and maybe too sick to care for her. He replied that "maybe they had died". He thinks so deep and hard about these very big and tough issues surrounding orphans and adoption. He wanted to know how her skin gets brown? I told him the baby grew inside a lady's tummy who also has brown skin. He was really interested. 6 months ago he thought he was "dopted" too and wanted to know who went to get him. We've had lots of conversations about babies, adoption and skin color. We ended our conversation today talking about how all my children are my babies, whether they grew in my tummy or came from Ethiopia and grew in another woman's tummy. I'm the Mama and they are my babies. Then just as quickly as he started this conversation he was off and talking about Star Wars and shooting bad guys!

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