Monday, February 25, 2008

Such a fun day

I've had such a fun day today. We were at Costco and I had the most delightful time picking out some baby girl clothes. When we got home there was a new picture of our sweet girl in the mail from our agency. What a wonderful surprise! She has the fatest cheeks. She looks so good, healthy and beautiful. We are looking forward to a new medical report soon that will tell us her current height/weight. There are a couple of families in Addis right now and they will be taking pictures of her for us too.
Tomorrow I have my monthly appt. at the Dr.'s office. They will be scheduling my ultrasound, which I'm very excited to have (except for the drinking gallons of water). I love seeing the baby and of course I can't wait to find out the sex! Mr. P is sure it's a girl. I've tried to prepare him that it could be a boy...but he's just sure. It's too funny, I always thought he would want more brothers. He was over the moon with the new picture of his sister today.


  1. Oh Becky!

    I just LOVE those little girl things. Makes me want another little girl around here (as if four weren't enough...)!

    God Bless,

  2. We are all over the moon. And we will be over the moon when "bio-baby" comes, too!

  3. What an amazingly happy and exciting time in your house right now!



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