Friday, February 29, 2008

Where will you put everyone?

We've been asked "Where will you put everyone?" quite a lot lately. We have an almost 2000 square foot, 3 bedroom, 2.75 bath, house with a family room and living room. I don't feel like we are too crowded...yet. I'm sure when the kids are bigger and needing more space of their own we will be looking for a bigger house or at least a house with one more bedroom. We are moving Busy Guy into the "big boy" room. He has a toddler bed and the other boys have bunk beds. The babies will share the other bedroom. Of course we'll have babies in our room for some time too. Managing kids and beds isn't the's the toys! I spent all day yesterday getting the big boy room ready and moving the toddler bed in. It fits perfectly! They still have lots of room to play on the floor. The room is only 11 ft. x 11 ft. I'm an organizing maniac who loves to clean. Luckily the closets all have a great shelving system. Clothes are on one side (no room for a dresser) and toys/games on the other side. I tried to put Busy Guy to bed in his new room but he was having way too much fun sitting up (at least he stayed in the bed) and talking loudly to his brothers. I'm not sure how this transition is going to happen? We do have some time so I'll keep trying. As for the potty....he's loving trying to go on the potty seat...maybe a little too much. He wants to go anytime someone else is going. We were at the library today and he yelled out, "Poopoo Mama!" and then went. Darn it, if I'd been at home I could have put him right on the potty seat. There will surely be more opportunities:) Now, I'm debating how to do the baby room. Half will be girly and half will still have the train border and bedding the other boys have used. I'm getting panicky about getting "everything" done in time. My hubby just looks at me bewildered and asks, "what has to get done?". I know, nothing HAS to get done but it's what I want to get done and what I think needs to get done. I want everything ready so I can sit on my bottom and nurse babies (and enjoy all the hard work done)!


  1. Just wanted to tell you how happy we are for you with your 2 babies on the way. We are parents to 5 bio kids and are leaving this week to pick up a daughter in Addis. You will do great with 5 and in the meantime you are in our prayers. I love that you use Saints names for your kids. We do to and my hubby is actually from Ireland (accent and all) so our kids have names a lot of people can't even pronounce!
    Again, good luck and God bless,
    Kristin in Maryland

  2. It cracks me up that people always ask that. We have all 4 boys in one bedroom, and they love it. My mom is one of 10, and they had a 3 bedroom... 6 girls were in one room!

    Your kids will have so much fun growing up together. I love sitting on the stairs after I put the kids to bed, just listening to their conversations.



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