Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12 Years Ago Today

12 years ago today we became first time parents! It was the beginning of the best part of our lives. Tuba's birthday is today. We are celebrating with a fire...of course...if it's still raining tonight then we'll put on the air conditioning and have a fire in the fireplace:) On the menu is hot dogs, chips, watermelon, beans, bread, and cupcakes...and smores too! Happy Birthday Tuba!
PS...how about that hair-do (don't) I have goin' on?


  1. That reminds me....we should have another 80's party! Too funny! That picture completely cracks me up!! Happy Birthday Tuba!!

  2. happy belated bday! hope he had a great day. actually, your hair looks good..MUCh better than mine looks most days, :)



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