Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Anniversary.. me...and Hubby.
I am thankful to God...He sent me the perfect man. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary. Since we have no money...spent it all on Christmas...we decided to forgo anniversary gifts. We also decided not to go out for dinner, etc. It would be an uneventful day...yet still one to cherish. I took the kiddos to church in the morn (Cam was on call for work and stayed home to do homework in the quiet of the empty house), came home and decided I would make tacos for dinner and maybe a chocolate cake for dessert. Well, the day got busy and the cake didn't get made. After the kids went to bed Cam ran to the store for some printer paper. Much to my delight he came home with the BEST anniversary gift!!! A box of Dove Bars...Mmmmmm. The second part of the best gift was that we were able to sit in the livingroom and eat them in peaceful silence with all the kiddos sleeping:) We had a nice time visiting and chatting and eating our yummiest treat. That was better than ANY other gift! I have the BEST husband.

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