Sunday, November 22, 2009

ABC's of it..

I love these photos. Mr. P was holding Baby George on the scenic train ride at the OR coast. I keep revisiting these summer beach photos...if you know where we live...rain/dark/ can see why!
Baby George has some new words this week. He added baby...he says it while he holds a teddy bear, milk, Sis, and Busy Guy's name.

And...the big news is that Mr. P is reading!!!! Whooohooooo! It's so much fun to see it click in his head. He is doing so well sounding out the letter and words. He is eager to learn more and Busy Guy is eager for him that big brother can read him some books:)
A few more things I'm thankful for today:
Sunday paper
My MIL's friends...great group of gals!
Kids singing
Pantry of food


  1. I love the look on Mr. P's face... he takes being a big brother very seriously!

  2. Your MIL's friends love you, too! And Cam! And your family!

  3. Oh yes! Another "reader" in the family! It is the doorway to a whole future of possibilities.



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