Saturday, November 7, 2009

All I Want

I'm so thankful for the times I get to spend with my family. When Cam is home and I have all my children around me. I am especially thankful for the family outings we take. On Thursday night Mr. P was starring in his Kindergarten play...he was the turkey! How wonderful that Cam wasn't working and was able to attend with us. It was a dark rainy and quite blustery night to venture out but I felt so happy. I loved taking the kids to see their brother and having Cam able to attend. I've done lots of activities on my own with the kids so it makes me really appreciative of the times Cam is with us.

Mr. P did a fabulous job. He wasn't even nervous. Huge difference from the kid he was two years ago. Back then he wouldn't sing any of the songs at the pre-school concert...he told me he sang them in his head. The kids loved hearing all the songs and watching the play. The sideshow was Sister...who kept pinching the lady in front of us...right on her exposed fat roll! Yes, so embarrassing. She did it about 5 times. I just couldn't stop her quick enough. I would see the poor lady flinch and then realize she had done it again. OH!

Today, as I sit in my pj's listening to the kids playing I'm so thankful that Cam is home this weekend. It's rare and I'm cherishing it:) I can't wait for him to be done with grad school and get a "normal" work schedule that allows for more of these family times together. It's really what I love best.
A few more things I'm thankful for today:

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