Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Sick House

Thinking...this family could use a trip to the beach:)

I've been absent from my blog...I have a house of sick kids. When we first became a family of 7 I remember Cam and I talking about how busy things were going to be. We specifically talked about what would happen...if God forbid...all 5 kids got the stomach flu!!! Well, it's taken 16 months but it has happened. UGH! Tuba started in on Sat. night at bedtime. He was in the bathroom every 15 minutes all night long....which was so awful. He could barely move the next day. Mr. P started yesterday morning followed by Baby George at nap time. Same thing for those boys...every 15-20 minutes of wretching dry heaves...poor babies. Lethargic little ones all around. One hour after bedtime last night Busy Guy was hit with it full force. Poor guy. Had to change his sheets 4 times last night. Today everyone is laying low. Watching more movies and resting and trying to re-hydrate.

Sis on the other hand is her usual spirited self. She is running circles around us all. I've said a millions times, "get away from your brother's barf bowl". Now, that's not a sentence I envisioned myself saying in this lifetime:) She was up this morning carting two coats around wearing her shoes a diaper and pj top. He was carrying around a purse stuffed with junk and wanted to go "bye-bye". Cam just took her to run an errand and have a special treat. They can get some fresh air and enjoy getting out of the sick house. In all of this I'm so thankful for many things:

I haven't been hit....yet?

Cam was home yesterday to help me as we held limp sick wee ones.

Cam stayed home today to help me....God bless this man.

The vomiting didn't last more than 12 hours.

Our huge library of kid movies.

Snuggle time.


  1. Oh, my! I'm impressed you are able to feel thankful. Flu an and little ones, ugh! (All those sheets, blankets and pj's!)

  2. Oh Becky, I'm so sorry!!!!!!Can you air the place out??????
    Praying you don't come down with it.
    Many mom hugs!



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