Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Funny Times

I'm thankful for all the times I get to laugh. All the times my kids make me laugh...even if it's only on the inside.

This morning Busy Guy was up too early (happens a lot). Cam put cartoons on for him while I was nursing Baby George in bed. When I got up and started breakfast Busy Guy told me he wasn't hungry because he had a bar already. Sometimes he will get out a protein bar and eat it while he watches cartoons. Okay, fine with me....I asked him to bring me the wrapper because he often doesn't finish the whole bar and then when the babies find it it's a real mess. So, up comes Busy Guy with a Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate wrapper! Huh, you had this for breakfast I asked him. Sheepish little face....Uh-huh, he says. LOL! Nice breakfast. Later after telling him that NO, that is not the same as a "bar" I found a second wrapper...mmmm....two dark chocolates for breakfast.
A few more things I'm thankful for today:
Fall leaves
New slippers...and flannel pj's

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