Thursday, November 19, 2009

So Vain

Here I am as a little girl with my Marsha Brady hair. Really, it was the begininng of my hair love. Aren't my Sis and I cute???

I'm so old. How did this happen? I feel so young. I have young children...doesn't that mean I'm still young? My husband is a college student...that means I'm young, right?

I have found grey hairs! UGH! I'm a little stunned. I've been thinking about it all day and I've realized that I just never thought I'd get them...ever...well, maybe not until 80. I showed the to Cam and he quickly said, "no, it looks blonde to me". In the next breath he says, "it's okay, I've got tons of them in my beard". Okay, so which is it Mister?

I pride myself on my hair. I'm downright vain about my hair. It's the one thing on me that always looks good...well, mostly good...except when I go WAY overdue for a foil and cut:) I have good hair....lots of it too. But, now it's got greys...hmpf! I take good care of my hair. I use Aveda shampoo/conditioner/styling products. I visit a high and mighty salon.

In fact I take such good care of my hair that my own mom pointed this out to me recently. I was complaining about how I don't take care of myself...lack of sleep/don't floss enough/don't take my vitamins/don't exercise enough/eat all my veggies/etc. My mom was quick to point out that I do take good care of my hair. OH! She was right. Nothing like your mom calling you out on the carpet to get a point across;0

Not loving these greys. Sorry, I'm not embarrassing it. I keep thinking of the commercials for hair dye and I get it now! I'm vain...I admit it. I don't want these grey hairs. GO AWAY GREY. I'll take my usedtobenaturallyblondebutnowIpayatonforexpensivefoilsandcutstolookgood:) I'm feeling not happy about this.

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