Thursday, November 5, 2009


Water. Clean fresh drinkable water. It's so easy to take it for granted here in the US. Water comes out of a OR cold. It's safe to drink. Not only do we have water to drink but to wash our clothes and bodies..and even cars. When I was in Ethiopia I saw first hand what it's like to not have this luxury. I saw women with plastic buckets getting water out of mud puddles and creeks that looked like a garbage dump. I saw men washing their hands and hair in these same rain filled puddles and streams. The water is not clean. The water is filled with waste and parasites and disease. People around the world do not have the luxury we have...that I have. This is the time of year to be thankful for what we have. It's also the time to give to others. I encourage you to give to charities that bring clean drinking water to those who don't have it. Every time you turn on the tap be thankful for what you have.

Some more things to be thankful for today:

Cam will be able to come see Mr. P's Kindergarten play
Warm dry house
Tea time

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  1. what a great reminder. every time i eat lately, i think about this over-abundance we have...i didn't check your links yet, so one of them might have this-but i saw the neatest thing..these big tough barrels that can be rolled with handles over rough terrain-making a huge dif for the women that have to carry water for miles!
    glad your hubby can be there for the K program. i know how hard it is to go thru these times of parenting on your own to some extent-praying for yoU!



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