Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Birthday.....Year!

I always tease Cam and tell him that it's my birthday MONTH. But, I am turning 40 so I've decided it's my birthday YEAR! Whooohooooo! I'm thinking of the many things I want to do this year to celebrate. :)

I need to catch up on what Cam and I have been up to....I wrote about the kids but not us. Isn't that just the way it always goes. ;0

Cam started his new job. Yipeeeee! It is going really well. It has been a big change for all of us. He now works Mon.-Fri. with weekends off...and holidays and no call! Yeah! The week can be long though. So far (he's only 3 weeks into the new gig) he has worked really long hours. He is never home before 6:00 pm (leaving home at 6:00 am). Long days for Cam mean long days for me too. I love being a mom but after about 5:00 I'm ready for some the form of Cam aka...Papa! Some nights he doesn't get home until 7:00-7:30. I know as he learns the job that over time he will get home a bit earlier. (right honey?!) The great part is Cam LOVES the job. He comes home mentally wiped out. The best part of all is the weekends...AND he was home for a 4 day weekend for Thanksgiving. That is the first time in at least 10 years that we have had a long holiday. that!! Christmas is looking good (3 day holiday weekend)! And...I'm thinking that my b-day is a holiday too. Come IS! Cam, I think you should take the day off. Okay, my b-day is on the weekend....never mind.

There have been lots of adjustments for the rest of us too. We have always eaten dinner at 5:00 Our bellies and brains are trained to that time. But, now with Cam getting home later we are trying to have dinner at 6:15 so we can eat all together. I've added a big snack after school but MAN are the kids hungry and cranky trying to wait for dinner. I'll keep trying and hopefully we will all adjust soon. But, having Cam home to help with bedtime routine is the best! I'm pretty spent by the end of the day and it's so nice to have him home...we can be spent together. :)


  1. My British friend used to call the two hour timeframe before dinner "the arsenic hour" and I even remember saitly Gramma Throckmorton getting testy around that time. Soon everyone will adapt. It's hare when it's dark outside. When summertime is here you can send them outside!

  2. Oh long days are so hard, but what a blessing to have a job you love. I turn 40 gulp next month.. :o)



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